Inspired by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, and Project Lion, “ The Pride Kingdom ” is a series produced by Mr. Parimal Nathwani. “ The Pride Kingdom ” is a 12-episode series, based on life in Gir in Gujarat, India. The series was filmed in Gujarat’s Gir forest in the least amount of time possible—20 days. The storyline revolves around the two young male lions who are identical twins named and famous with the given name “Bhuriya Bandhu”. It also highlights life in Gir in Gujarat, the only abode of the rare Asiatic lions in the world. It’s fascinating to see how these two identical twins fight to regain control of the territory. The series is able to capture the dread in both a leopard and other animals in one episode, demonstrating how the lion is the ruler of the jungle. An uncommon occurrence in the history of any wildlife species or the jungle, the series also discusses the behaviour of lions and their interaction with humans. It emphasises the raising of the young cubs and the training given to them to hunt by the Queen of Gir. Additionally, it demonstrates how the lioness puts her life in danger to defend her cubs, serving as the ideal mother and role model. It also highlights the unique “Lion Hospital,” a facility built with cutting-edge amenities to care for the majestic animal. Lion protectors have a big contribution to settling the lion kingdom in Gir. The series introduces you to the companions of the royal sultanate. From taking care of their lives to guiding the tourists, it tells you the story of how the forest department helps the wildlife creatures in various ways. Mr. Parimal Nathvani made an effort to discover the wonders of nature and wildlife, and this series shows how the Gir Jungle is the ideal habitat for lions. You will enjoy learning about the history of the royal lions in this special episode, which says a lot about why lions are so revered in our mythology, culture, and numerous languages.